Butterfly Counselling & Psychotherapy is working to maintain your safety at all times, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Face to face counselling sessions will be offered again soon.

I am currently working as a counsellor in the NHS, supporting clients with their mental health issues through this challenging time. 

I can now offer online video and telephone counselling, in accordance with current BACP covid-19 guidelines.

May be the coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse effect on your mental health and you would like to talk through your issues. The current situation could have highlighted feelings of loneliness and isolation or other feelings that have been buried deep for many years.

I understand that covid-19 has been a very difficult and uncertain time for many people and their loved ones. If this time has heightened many mixed emotions for you, for example, fear, anger, sadness or loss? Then you may now feel ready to explore and process your experience, towards making positive life changes.

I am here to provide you with empathy and support, to guide you through what could be a personally traumatic or stressful time.
I know it may be difficult for you. May be you have never spoken about yourself or your issues before, or not even know where to begin.


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